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Ragione e sentimento

I romanzi di Jane Austen furono pubblicati, come si usava all'epoca, in più volumi, numerando i capitoli per ciascun volume, e le edizioni critiche (Chapman e Cambridge) seguono questo criterio. Molte edizioni moderne, anche tra quelle italiane, hanno invece adottato una numerazione unica, senza tener conto della divisione in volumi. Prima delle citazioni ho perciò indicato sia la prima che la seconda numerazione.
In Sense and Sensibility la suddivisione in volumi è la seguente: I vol.: 22 capitoli; II vol.: 14 capitoli; III vol.: 14 capitoli. La numerazione continua va da 1 a 50.

Betty, cameriera di Mrs. Jennings (II-3/25: It will only be sending Betty by the coach,).

Colonnello Brandon, di Delaford, Dorsetshire;
35 anni (I-7/7: he was on the wrong side of five and thirty;);
2000 sterline l'anno (II-8/30: Two thousand a year without debt or drawback);
sposa Marianne Dashwood.

Fanny, cugina del col. Brandon (I-13/13: Perhaps it is to tell you that your cousin Fanny is married?).

Mrs. Burgess, di Exeter; amica di Anne (Nancy) Steele (III-13/49: where she thinks of staying three or four weeks with Mrs. Burgess).

i Carey, vicini dei Middleton (I-13/13: Consider, here are the two Miss Careys come over Newton).

Cartwright, della servitù di Mrs. Jennings? (II-4/26: I have had Cartwright to settle with).

Mrs. Clarke, amica di Mrs. Jennings (III-2/38: You see I cannot leave Mrs. Clarke.).

Lord Courtland, amico di Robert Ferrars (II-14/36: My friend Lord Courtland came to me the other day).

Mr. Dashwood, di Norland Park, nel Sussex; celibe;
muore nel primo capitolo (I-1/1: The old Gentleman died;);
4000 sterline l'anno (I-1/1: The prospect of four thousand a-year, in addition to his present income,).

Henry Dashwood, di Stanhill; un figlio con la prima moglie: John; tre figlie con la seconda: Elinor, Marianna e Margaret; nipote ed erede di Mr. Dashwood;
muore nel primo capitolo (I-1/1: But the fortune, which had been so tardy in coming, was his only one twelvemonth.);
lascia un patrimonio di 10000 sterline (I-1/1: and ten thousand pounds, including the late legacies, was all that remained for his widow and daughters.).

Mrs. Dashwood, seconda moglie e poi vedova di Henry Dashwood;
40 anni (I-8/8: my life has been extended to the advanced age of forty.);
nessun patrimonio (I-1/1: Their mother had nothing,);
7000 sterline alla morte del marito più le 3000 delle figlie (I-1/1: and ten thousand pounds, including the late legacies, was all that remained for his widow and daughters.)

Elinor Dashwood, figlia di secondo letto di Henry Dashwood;
19 anni (I-1/1: though only nineteen,);
dote di 1000 sterline (I-1/1: as a mark of his affection for the three girls, he left them a thousand pounds a-piece.);
sposa Edward Ferrars.

Marianne Dashwood, figlia di secondo letto di Henry Dashwood;
16 anni (I-3/3: Remember, my love, that you are not seventeen.);
dote di 1000 sterline (I-1/1: as a mark of his affection for the three girls, he left them a thousand pounds a-piece.);
sposa il col. Brandon.

Margaret Dashwood, figlia di secondo letto di Henry Dashwood;
13 anni (I-1/1: she did not, at thirteen,);
dote di 1000 sterline (I-1/1: as a mark of his affection for the three girls, he left them a thousand pounds a-piece.).

John Dashwood, unico figlio di primo letto di Henry Dashwood; marito di Fanny Ferrars; un figlio: Harry.

Fanny [Ferrars] Dashwood, moglie di John Dashwood; sorella di Edward e Robert Ferrars;
patrimonio di 10000 sterline (III-14/50: beyond the ten thousand pounds, which had been given with Fanny.).

Harry Dashwood, figlio di John Dashwood;
4 anni (I-1/1: a child of four years old,).

Dr. Davies, piace ad Anne Steele (II-10/32: Dr. Davies was coming to town, and so we thought we'd join him).

Mrs. Dennison, conoscente della famiglia di John Dashwood (II-14/36: The consideration of Mrs. Dennison's mistake,).

Mr. Donovan, farmacista di Londra (III-1/37: But Charlotte, she would not be satisfied, so Mr. Donovan was sent for;).

Sir e Lady Elliott, amici di Robert Ferrars (II-14/36: I was last month at my friend Elliott's near Dartford. Lady Elliott wished to give a dance.).

Mr. e Mrs. Ellison, tutori di Miss Grey (II-8/30: that she believed Mr. and Mrs. Ellison would not be sorry to have Miss Grey married,).

Mrs. Ferrars, di Park Street, madre di Edward, Robert e Fanny Ferrars.

Edward Ferrars
23 anni (II-1/23: The youthful infatuation of nineteen ... but the four succeeding years);
2000 sterline di patrimonio (II-2/24: He has only two thousand pounds of his own);
poi 10000 sterline (III-14/50: nor was anything promised either for the present or in furure, beyond the ten thousand pounds, which had been given with Fanny.);
sposa Elinor Dashwood.

Robert Ferrars
1000 sterline l'anno (III-14/50: Robert was inevitably endowed with a thousand pounds a-year);
sposa Lucy Steele.

Sir Robert, zio dei Ferrars (II-14/36: Why would you be persuaded by my uncle, Sir Robert,).

i Gilbert, vicini dei Middleton (I-20/20: Why did not you ask the Gilberts to come to us to-day?).

old Gibson, proprietario di una fattoria vicino a Norland Park(II-11/33: where old Gibson used to live).

Miss Godby, conoscente di Mrs. Sparks (III-2/38: for Miss Godby told Miss Sparks,).

Sophia Grey
50000 sterline di patrimonio (II-8/30: The lady then - Miss Grey I think you called her - is very rich? Fifty thousands pounds, my dear.);
sposa John Willoughby.

Mr. Harris, farmacista di Cleveland (III-7/43: of sending for the the Palmer's apothecary. ... now looked very grave on Mr Harris's report,).

Biddy Henshawe, zia di Miss Grey (II-8/30: I remember her aunt very well, Biddy Henshawe;).

Mrs. Jennings, vedova; madre di Mary [Jennings] Middleton e Charlotte [Jennings] Palmer.

Sir John Middleton, di Barton Park, Devonshire; parente di Mrs. Dashwood;
quattro figli: John, William, Annamaria e un quarto del quale non si fa il nome (I-7/7: by the entrance of her four noisy children after dinner,).

Mary [Jennings] Middleton, moglie di Sir John Middleton;
26/27 anni (I-6/6: Lady Middleton was not more than six or seven and twenty;).

John Middleton, figlio di Sir John Middleton;
6 anni (I-6/6: a fine little boy about six years old;).

William Middleton, figlio di Sir John Middleton (I-21/21: How playful William is!).

Annamaria Middleton, figlia di Sir John Middleton;
3 anni (I-21/21: And here is my sweet little Annamaria, she added, tenderly caressing a little girl of three years old,).

Miss Morton, unica figlia di Lord Morton; Mrs. Ferrars la vorrebbe come moglie del figlio Edward;
30000 sterline di patrimonio (II-11/33: The lady is the Hon. Miss Morton, only daughter of the late Lord Morton, with thirty thousand pounds.).

Thomas Palmer, di Cleveland, Somerset; marito di Charlotte [Jennings] Palmer;
25/26 anni (I-19/19: Her husband was a grave looking young man of five or six and twenty).

Charlotte [Jennings] Palmer, moglie di Thomas Palmer e sorella di Lady Middleton;
circa vent'anni (I-19/19: Mrs. Palmer was several years younger than Lady Middleton).

i Parry, amici di Mrs. Jennings (II-8/30: The Parrys and Sanderson luckily are coming to-night you know,).

Mr. Pratt, di Longstaple; zio di Anne e Lucy Steele; Edward Ferrars era stato quattro anni da lui a studiare (I-22/22: He was four years with my uncle, who lives at Longstaple, near Plymouth.).

Mrs. Richardson, conoscente delle sorelle Steele (III-2/38: to tell me Mrs. Richardson was come in her coach,).

Mr. Rose, di Exeter, citato come esempio di "beau" da Anne (Nancy) Steele (I-21/21: Now there's Mr. Rose at Exeter, a prodigious smart young man, quite a beau,).

Sally, domestica a Barton Park (III-11/47: as I went there with a message from Sally at the Park to her brother,).

i Sanderson, amici di Mrs. Jennings (II-8/30: The Parrys and Sanderson luckily are coming to-night you know,).

Martha Sharpe, amica di Anne (Nancy) Steele (III-2/38: when Martha Sharpe and I had so many secrets together,).

Mr. Simpson, di Exeter, datore di lavoro di Mr. Rose (I-21/21: clerk to Mr. Simpson you know,).

Mrs. Smith, di Allenham Court, Devonshire; parente di John Willoughby (I-9/9: he was visiting the old lady at Allenham Court, to whom he was related,).

Miss Sparks, conoscente delle sorelle Steele (III-2/38: for Miss Godby told Miss Sparks,).

Mr. Steele, padre di Anne e Lucy (III-2/38: and what little matter Mr. Steele and Mr. Pratt can give her).

Anne (Nancy) Steele (I-21/21: Lord! Anne, cried her sister,) (III-13/49: Not a soul suspected anything of the matter, not even Nancy, who, poor soul!);
circa 30 anni (I-21/21: the eldest, who was nearly thirty).

Lucy Steele
22/23 anni (I-21/21: but in the other, who was not more than two or three and twenty,);
fidanzata con Edward Ferrars, sposa poi il fratello Robert.

Richard ?, cugino di Anne e Lucy Steele (III-2/38: And besides that, my cousin Richard said himself,).

Mrs. Taylor amica di Mrs. Jennings (II-8/30: Mrs. Taylor told me of it half an hour ago,).

Thomas, domestico delle Dashwood (III-11/47: Who told you that Mr. Ferrars was married, Thomas?).

Miss Walker, amica di Mrs. Taylor (II-8/30: that one day Miss Walker hinted to her,).

i Weston, amici dei Palmer (I-20/20: We must go, for the Westons come to us next week you know,).

i Whitaker, vicini dei Middleton (I-18/18: Who! why yourselves, and the Careys, and Whitakers to be sure.).

Eliza Williams, cugina e innamorata del col. Brandon, del quale sposa il fratello; divorzia; muore quattordici anni prima dei tempi del romanzo e lascia una figlia illegittima che si chiama come lei.

Eliza Williams, figlia illegittima di Eliza Williams; sedotta da John Willoughby;
17 anni (II-9/31: a subject such at this - untouched for fourteen years ... her only child ... who was then about three years old.).

John Willoughby, di Combe Magna, Somerset;
25 anni (I-10/10: when opposed by a very lively one of five and twenty?);
sposa Sophia Grey.

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