Jane Austen

I Watson
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Personaggi di
I Watson

Colonnello Beresford, per ballare con lui Miss Osborne delude il piccolo Charles Blake (Charles, I beg your pardon for not keeping my engagement, but I am going to dance these two dances with Colonel Beresford.).

Betty, cameriera dei Watson (to tell Betty to take up the fowls.).

Mrs. ---- Blake, sorella vedova del rev. Howard (Mrs. Blake, a widow-sister who lived with him);
35 o 36 anni (said Mrs. Blake, a lively pleasant-looking little woman of five or six and thirty).

Charles Blake, figlio di Mrs. Blake; dieci anni (her son, a fine boy of ten years old).

Altri figli di Mrs. Blake (he had two brothers and a sister).

Fanny Carr, amica di Miss Osborne (And Fanny Carr is a most interesting little creature).

Mr. Curtis, chirurgo di Guildford con il quale lavora Sam Watson (but Mr. Curtis won't often spare him).

Mr. Edwards, possidente di D., nel Surry (Mr. Edwards lived in the best house in the street).

Mrs. Edwards, moglie di Mr. Edwards (though a very friendly woman, had a reserved air, and a great deal of formal civility).

Mary Edwards, figlia degli Edwards; Sam Watson è innamorato di lei (Is Sam attached to Miss Edwards?);
22 anni (a genteel looking girl of twenty two);
10000 sterline di dote (she is an only child, and will have at least ten thousand pounds.).

Dr. Harding, un vecchio e ricco dottore di Chichester, zio degli Shaw, che Penelope Watson sta cercando di accalappiare (she has been trying to make some match at Chichester; she won't tell us with whom, but I believe it is a rich old Dr. Harding).

Mr. Hemmings, amico di Robert e Jane Watson a Croydon (Mr. Marshall and Mr. Hemmings change their dress every day of their lives before dinner.).

Rev. ---- Howard, pastore di Wickstead, la parrocchia dell'Osborne Castle (Mr. Howard, formerly tutor to Lord Osborne, now clergyman of the parish in which the castle stood);
poco più che trentenne (Mr. Howard was an agreeable-looking man, a little more than thirty.).

Capitano Hunter, innamorato, a quanto sembra ricambiato, di Mary Edwards (Only observe whether she dances with Captain Hunter, more than once).

James, cocchiere di Mr. Watson (and James should drive me over).

Mr. Marshall, amico di Robert e Jane Watson a Croydon (Mr. Marshall and Mr. Hemmings change their dress every day of their lives before dinner.).

Tom Musgrave, Il bellimbusto che piace a quasi tutte (A young man of very good fortune, quite independent, and remarkably agreeable, an universal favourite wherever he goes. Most of the girls hereabout are in love with him, or have been.);
otto/novecento sterline l'anno (He has about eight or nine hundred pounds a year I believe.).

Nanny, cameriera dei Watson (But first of all Nanny shall bring in the dinner.).

Mr. Norton, cugino del cap. Hunter e ufficiale dello stesso reggimento (Mr. Norton is a cousin of Captain Hunter's.).

Capitano O'Brien, secondo marito di Mrs. Turner, la zia vedova delle Watson (Captain O'Brien that I should be of the party.).

Lady Osborne, vedova cinquantenne, di Osborne Castle, nel Surry (Lady Osborne had by much the finest person; - though nearly fifty, she was very handsome, and had all the dignity of rank.).

Lord Osborne, figlio di Lady Osborne (Lord Osborne was a very fine young man; but there was an air of coldness, of carelessness, even of awkwardness about him, which seemed to speak him out of his element in a ball room.).

Miss Osborne, figlia di Lady Osborne (He will never marry unless he can marry somebody very great; Miss Osborne perhaps, or something in that style.).

---- Purvis, amico di Robert Watson e marito mancato di Elizabeth Watson (I was very much attached to a young man of the name of Purvis, a particular friend of Robert's, who used to be with us a great deal. Every body thought it would have been a match).

Dr. Richards, amico di Mr. Watson (as the partridges were pretty high, Dr. Richards would have them sent away to the other end of the table).

Shaw, amici di Chichester di Penelope Watson e nipoti del dr. Harding (the Shaws are quite on her side.).

Jack Stokes, conoscente dei Watson (I have begun my letter, Jack Stokes is to call for it tomorrow).

Mr. Styles, amico del cap. Hunter e ufficiale dello stesso reggimento ("And who is Mr. Styles?" "One of his particular friends.").

Mr. Tomlinson, banchiere di D., nel Surry (if Mr. Tomlinson the banker might be indulged in calling his newly erected house at the end of the town, with a shrubbery and sweep, in the country.).

Mrs. Tomlinson, moglie di Mr. Tomlinson (Mrs. Tomlinson told me he was gone to ask you).

James Tomlinson, figlio dei Tomlinson (I thought you were to have stood up with Mr. James, the two last dances).

Mr. Turner, primo marito della zia delle Watson ("Mr. Turner had not been dead a great while I think?").

Mrs. Turner (ora O'Brien), zia vedova delle Watson, che aveva in pratica adottato Emma prima del secondo matrimonio con il cap. O'Brien ("Miss Emma Watson, who was very recently returned to her family from the care of an aunt who had brought her up").

Mr. Watson, di Stanton villaggio vicino a D.; vedovo e malandato in salute (he was sickly and had lost his wife);
I Watson abitano in una canonica, perciò Mr. Watson è certamente un ecclesiastico (they stopped beyond a doubt at the garden-gate of the parsonage.)

Elizabeth Watson, figlia maggiore di Mr. Watson; ventotto anni (though I am nine years older than you are).

Emma Watson, figlia di Mr. Watson (Emma Watson was not more than of the middle height - well made and plump, with an air of healthy vigour.);
diciannove anni: (I am sure I should never have forgiven the person who kept me from a ball at nineteen.).

Margaret Watson, figlia di Mr. Watson; convinta che Tom Musgrove sia innamorato di lei (she is possessed with the notion of Tom Musgrave's being more seriously in love with her, than he ever was with any body else, and is always expecting him to come to the point.).

Penelope Watson, figlia di Mr. Watson; ha avuto una delusione d'amore con Tom Musgrave e ora cerca marito (She was sadly disappointed in Tom Musgrave [...] And since then, she has been trying to make some match at Chichester).

Robert Watson, figlio di Mr. Watson; avvocato a Croydon; sposato con Jane (Robert Watson was an attorney at Croydon, in a good way of business).

Jane Watson, moglie di Robert Watson (This is the second time within this twelvemonth that she has gone to spend a month with Robert and Jane [...] In her person there was nothing remarkable; her manners were pert and conceited.;
seimila sterline di dote (and why should not he be as lucky as Robert, who has got a good wife and six thousand pounds?).

Augusta Watson, figlia di Robert e Jane Watson (I assure you it went very hard with Augusta to have us come away without her.).

Samuel (Sam) Watson, figlio di Mr. Watson; chirurgo a Guildford (but Mr. Curtis won't often spare him, and just now it is a sickly time at Guildford);
è innamorato di Miss Edwards ("Is Sam attached to Miss Edwards?" - "Did not you know that?).

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