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Orgoglio e pregiudizio

I romanzi di Jane Austen furono pubblicati, come si usava all'epoca, in più volumi, numerando i capitoli per ciascun volume, e le edizioni critiche (Chapman e Cambridge) seguono questo criterio. Molte edizioni moderne, anche tra quelle italiane, hanno invece adottato una numerazione unica, senza tener conto della divisione in volumi. Prima delle citazioni ho perciò indicato sia la prima che la seconda numerazione.
In Pride and Prejudice la suddivisione in volumi è la seguente: I vol.: 23 capitoli; II vol.: 19 capitoli; III vol.: 19 capitoli. La numerazione continua va da 1 a 61.

Mrs. Annesley, dama di compagnia di Georgiana Darcy (III-3/45: It was first broken by Mrs. Annesley, a genteel agreeable-liking woman,).

Mr. Bennet, di Longbourne-house, nell'Hertfordshire, padre di Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, Catherine e Lydia;
2000 sterline l'anno (I-7/7: Mr. Bennet's property consisted almost entirely in an estate of two thousand a year,);
5000 sterline vincolate a Mrs. Bennet e le figlie (III-8/50: Five thousand pounds was settled by marriage articles on Mrs. Bennet and the children.).

Mrs. [Gardiner] Bennet, moglie di Mr. Bennet;
4000 sterline di dote (I-7/7: Her father had been an attorney in Meryton, and had left her four thousand pounds.).

Jane Bennet
22 anni (II-16/39: She is almost three and twenty!);
sposa Charles Bingley.

Elizabeth (Lizzy) Bennet
20 anni (II-6/29: I am not one and twenty.);
sposa Fitzwilliam Darcy.

Mary Bennet
18/19 anni (vista l'età delle sorelle Elizabeth e Catherine).

Catherine (Kitty) Bennet
17 anni (II-18/41: I have just as much right to be asked as she [Lydia] has, and more too, for I am two years older.).

Lydia Bennet
15 anni (I-9/9: Lydia was a stout, well-grown girl of fifteen, with a fine complexion and good-humoured countenance;);
sposa George Wickham.

Charles Bingley
22 anni (I-4/4: Mr. Bingley had not been of age two years,);
4000/5000 sterline l'anno (I-1/1: A single man of large fortune; four or five thousand a year.);
100000 sterline di patrimonio (I-4/4: Mr. Bingley inherited property to the amount of nearly an hundred thousand pounds from his father,);
sposa Jane Bennet.

Louisa [Bingley] Hurst, sorella di Charles Bingley e moglie di Mr. Hurst;
20000 sterline di dote (I-4/4: [Louisa and Caroline Bingley] had a fortune of twenty thousand pounds,).

Mr. Hurst, marito di Louisa Bingley (I-3/3: Mr. Hurst, merely looked the gentleman;).

Caroline Bingley, sorella di Charles Bingley;
20000 sterline di dote (I-4/4: [Louisa and Caroline Bingley] had a fortune of twenty thousand pounds,).

Sir Lewis de Bourgh, di Rosing Park, nel Kent; marito defunto di Lady Catherine de Bourhg (I-13/13: I heave been so fortunate as to be distinguished by the patronage of the Right Honourable Lady Catherine de Bourgh, widow of Sir Lewis de Bourgh,).

Lady Catherine [Fitzwilliam] de Bourgh, di Rosing Park, nel Kent; vedova di Sir Lewis de Bourgh.

Anne de Bourgh, figlia di Lady Catherine de Bourgh (II-8/31: She has a very good notion of fingering, though her taste is not equal to Anne's.).

Capitano Carter, uno degli ufficiali del reggimento del ----shire (I-7/7: but Lydia, with perfect indifference, continued to express her admiration of Captain Carter,).

Mr. Chamberlayne, uno degli ufficiali del reggimento del ----shire (II-16/39: We dressed up Chamberlayne in woman's clothes,).

Clarke, una biblioteca di Meryton, che potrebbe essere gestita di un Mr. o una Miss/Mrs. Clarke (I-7/7: she sees them now very often standing in Clarke's library.).

Rev. William Collins, pastore a Hunsford, nel Kent;
cugino ed erede di Mr. Bennet (I-13/13: It is from my cousin, Mr. Collins, who, when I am dead, may turn you all out of this house as soon as he pleases.);
25 anni (I-13/13: He was a tall, heavy looking man of five and twenty.);
sposa Charlotte Lucas.

Mr. Darcy senior, padre di Fitzwilliam Darcy (II-14/37: Miss Darcy, the daughter of Mr. Darcy, of Pemberley, and Lady Anne, could not have appeared with propriety in a different manner.);
morto cinque anni prima (II-12/35: My excellent father died about five years ago;).

Lady Anne [Fitzwilliam] Darcy, moglie defunta di Mr. Darcy senior; sorella di Lady Catherine de Bourgh (II-14/37: Miss Darcy, the daughter of Mr. Darcy, of Pemberley, and Lady Anne, could not have appeared with property in a different manner.).

Fitzwilliam Darcy, di Pemberley;
28 anni (III-16/58: Such I was from eight to eight and twenty;);
10000 sterline l'anno: (I-3/3: of his having ten thousand a year.);
sposa Elizabeth Bennet.

Georgiana Darcy, sorella di Fitwilliam Darcy;
16 anni (III-2/44: and, though little more than sixteen);
30000 sterline di dote: (II-12/35: my sister's fortune, which is thirty thousand pounds;).

Dawson, cameriera di Lady Catherine de Bourgh (II-14/37: and as Dawson does not object to the Barouche Box,).

Mr. Denny, uno degli ufficiali del reggimento del ----shire (I-14/14: and to ask when Mr. Denny comes back from town.).

Colonnello Fitzwilliam, figlio cadetto del conte di -----; nipote di Lady Catherine de Bourgh e cugino di Fitzwilliam Darcy (II-10/33: A younger son, you know, must be inured to self-denial and dependence.).

Colonnello Forster, comandante del reggimento del ----shire (I-6/6: What does Mr. Darcy mean, said she to Charlotte, by listening to my conversation with Colonel Forster?).

Harriet [?] Forster, moglie del colonnello Forster e amica di Lydia Bennet (II-16/39: by the bye, Mrs. Forster and me are such friends!).

Edward Gardiner, (III-7/49: I shall write again as soon as any thing more is determined on. Your's, &c. EDW. GARDINER.);
fratello di Mrs. Bennet e commerciante a Londra (I-7/7: and a brother settled in London in a respectable line of trade.).

M. [?] Gardiner, moglie di Edward Gardiner (III-10/52: The children have been wanting me this half hour. Your's, very sincerely, M. GARDINER.).

Figli dei Gardiner, quattro: due femmine di sei e otto anni e due maschi più piccoli (II-19/42: The children, two girls of six and eight yeard old, and two younger boys,).

I Goulding, vicini dei Bennet (III-8/50: Haye-Park might do, said she, if the Gouldings would quit it,); William Goulding (III-9/51: and we overtook William Goulding in his curricle,)

Miss Grantley, conoscente di Carolina Bingley (I-10/10: and I think it infinitely superior to Miss Grantley's.).

Haggerston, avvocato di Edward Gardiner (III-7/49: I will immediately give directions to Haggerston for preparing a proper settlement.).

Harriet e Pen Harrington, amiche di Mrs. Forster e Lydia Bennet (II-16/39: and so she asked the two Harringtons to come, but Harriet was ill, and so Pen was forced to come by herself;).

Mrs. Hill, governante dei Bennet (III-7/49: What do you mean, Hill? We heard nothing from town.).

Mr. Hurst, vedi Bingley.

Mrs. Jenkinson, dama di compagnia di Anne de Bourgh (I-19/19: while Mrs. Jenkinson was arranging Miss de Bourgh's foot-stool,).

John, domestico dei Collins (II-14/37: You must send John with the young ladies, Mrs. Collins.).

John, domestico dei Gardiner o della locanda di Lambton (III-4/46: John told us Mr. Darcy was here when you sent for us; - was it so?).

Mr. Jones, farmacista di Meryton (I-7/7: They insist also on my seeing Mr. Jones).

Mary King, ha un breve flirt con George Wickham a Meryton (II-16/39: There is no danger of Wickham's marrying Mary King. There's for you! She is gone down her uncle at Liverpool; gone to stay.).

Mrs. Long, conoscente dei Bennet (I-2/2: and that Mrs. Long has promised to introduce him.); le sue nipoti (III-12/54: and her nieces are very pretty behaved girls, and not at all handsome;).

Sir William Lucas, a Lucas Lodge, ex commerciante vicino dei Bennet (I-5/5: Sir William Lucas had been formerly in trade in Meryton,).

Lady Lucas, moglie di Sir William Lucas (I-5/5: Lady Lucas was a very good kind of woman, not too clever to be a valuable neighbour to Mrs. Bennet.).

Charlotte Lucas, primogenita di Sir William Lucas
27 anni (I-5/5: The eldest of them, a sensible, intelligent young woman, about twenty-seven).
sposa il rev. William Collins.

Maria Lucas, figlia di Sir William Lucas (I-3/3: and the two fourth with Maria Lucas,).

Le Lucas più giovani, figlie di Sir William Lucas (II-16/39: retailing them all to the younger Miss Lucasses;).

Un giovane Lucas, figlio di Sir William Lucas (I-5/5: If I were as rich as Mr. Darcy, cried a young Lucas who came with his sisters,); i figli maschi dei Lucas (I-22/22: and the boys were relieved from their apprehension of Charlotte's dying an old maid.).

Lady Metcalfe, conoscente di Lady Catherine de Bourgh (II-6/29: did I tell you of Lady Metcalfe's calling yesterday to thank me?).

Colonnello Millar, comandante del reggimento la cui partenza venticinque anni prima aveva fatto piangere Mrs. Bennet (II-18/41: I cried for two days together when Colonel Millar's regiment went away.).

Mr. Morris, proprietario, o più probabilmente mediatore per l'affitto, di Netherfield Park (I-1/1: and was so much delighted with it that he agreed with Mr. Morris immediately;).

Mrs. Nicholls, governante a Netherfield Park (I-11/11: and as soon as Nicholls has made white soup enough I shall send round my cards.).

Mr. Phillips, avvocato di Meryton; ex impiegato del padre di Mrs. Bennet e marito della sorella (I-7/7: She had a sister married to a Mr. Phillips, who had been a clerk to their father,).

Mrs. [Gardiner] Phillips, sorella di Mrs. Bennet e moglie di Mr. Phillips.

Miss Pope, raccomandata da Lady Catherine de Bourgh a Lady Metcalfe (II-6/29: she finds Miss Pope a treasure.).

Mr. Pratt, uno degli ufficiali del reggimento del ----shire (II-16/39: When Denny, and Wickham, and Pratt, and two or three more of the men came in,).

Mrs. Reynolds, governante a Pemberley (III-1/43: The housekeeper came; a respectable-looking, elderly woman ... while Mrs. Reynolds replied, that he was, adding, but we expect him tomorrow,).

Richard, domestico dei Phillips (I-14/14: Do you know, mama, that my uncle Philips talks of turning away Richard, and if he does, Colonel Forster will hire him.).

Mr. Robinson, vicino dei Bennet (I-5/5: something about Mr. Robinson.).

Sarah, cameriera dei Bennet (III-13/55: Here, Sarah, come to Miss Bennet this moment, and help her on with her gown.).

Sally, cameriera di Mrs. Forster (III-5/47: but I wish you would tell Sally to mend a great slit in my worked muslin gown,).

Mr. Stone, probabilmente un impiegato di Mr. Gardiner (III-9/51: my uncle was called away upon business to that horrid man Mr Stone.).

Miss Watson, probabilmente titolare di una biblioteca a Meryton (I-7/7: my aunt says that Colonel Forster and Captain Carter do not go so often to Miss Watson's as they did when they first came; she sees them now very often standing in Clarke's library.).

Mr. Wickham, defunto amministratore del vecchio Mr Darcy e padre di George Wickham (I-18/18: he was the son of old Wickham, the late Mr. Darcy's steward.).

George Wickham, fedifrago;
sposa Lydia Bennet.

Mrs. Younge, istitutrice di Georgiana Darcy e complice di Wickham (II-12/35: for there proved to have been a prior acquaintance between him and Mrs. Younge,).

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